About CAB

 Legal Status

Consumers Association of Bangladesh (CAB), a non-government, non-political, non-profit and voluntary consumer organization was founded in February 1978 at the initiation of some dedicated residents in Dhaka who were imbued with the ideas of consumerism, a movement that already took shape in many advanced countries in Europe and America. Primarily started as a social group to protect consumers from commodity adulteration and artificial price-hike it has gradually widened its scope to establish and safeguard consumers’ rights and interests in social, economic, health and environmental issues.

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CAB was registered with the Department of Social Services, Government of Bangladesh vide reg. No DHA-01247 dated 14 March 1983 and with the NGO Affairs Bureau vide reg. No. DSS/FDO/R-197 dated 2 March 1986. CAB is also a full member of Consumers International. It is funded by membership fees and by grants from donors.

Vision of CAB

  • Rights of consumers are established and ensured.

Mission of CAB                                   

  • To make people aware of their rights and responsibilities as consumers and motivate them to be active and vocal against violation of those rights.

Core Values

  • Be Consumer Driven with due regard to the concept of market development and sustainable consumption.
  • Uphold fairness and justice.
  • Maintain openness (transparency) in activities to public and accountability to all members.
  • Be Independent and unsusceptible to undue influence.
  • Be proactive, constructive and persevering.
  • Protect the privacy of personal data.

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