Consumers Association of Bangladesh (CAB)

Consumer Rights

Who is a consumer?

 consumer is anyone ranging form the cradle to the tomb, from the Prime Minister of a country to the labourer on the street. In simple words, the persons who use or consumes products or services are consumers. In the eyes of Act, a person is required to fulfill certain conditions to be regarded as a consumer. Consumers are those persons who, for oneself or for the dependants, buy or use or obtain a permission to use any products or service by offering a price, prompt or due or in installments.

In addition, any person using such products with the consent of the buyer will also be treated as a consumer. But if someone buys something for the purpose of resale or for any other commercial purposes, he or she shall not be a consumer as such. Personal consumption is the main test for defining oneself as a consumer. Under CRPA 2009, a person who buys goods to earn a livelihood by ‘self-employment’ (though in a commercial scale) also falls within the definition of a consumer.

Consumer Rights

Right to Satisfaction of Basic Needs

Fundamental right according to the Constitution of Bangladesh to have access to food, clothing, education, healthcare , shelter.

Right to Safety

Protection of hazardous and unsafe products and services.

Right to Information

Information about the quality, quantity, potency, purity, standard and price of products and services.

Right to Choose

Availability of selection of goods and services from their varieties to justify the quality, cost, preference.

Right to be Heard

raise unhappiness against consumer malpractices or right to be represented by consumer organization.

Right to Redress

This is the crux of consumer rights. The consumer is entitled to have legal remedy, either monetary or exchange, in case of violation of consume rights.

Right to Consumer Education

To have access to programs and information that helps the consumer to make a better and informed buying decision.

Right to Healthy Environment

To live and work in an environment that does not affect consumers’ welfare and health.

Consumer Responsibilities

Consumer Rights are recognized in the Consumer Rights Protection Act 2009