Consumers Association of Bangladesh (CAB)

Consumer Department: 44 companies fined Tk 2.70 lakh

Own reporter:

A total of 44 companies have been fined Tk 280,000 for various crimes against consumer interests by conducting raids on markets and business establishments in 19 districts of the country, including Dhaka metropolis, led by 20 officials from the head office, divisional and district offices of the National Consumer Rights Protection Department.

On Sunday, the officials of this department under the Ministry of Commerce conducted operations / surveillance activities in the daily commodity markets and various business establishments all over the country including Dhaka.

It is learned that according to the Consumer Rights Protection Act, 2009, a total of 25 markets and various business establishments across the country, including South Basabo and East Basabo in Dhaka metropolis, were fined Tk 260,000 for various crimes against consumer interests. In order to increase public awareness, necessary advice was given to those concerned with HandMike including distribution of leaflets and pamphlets among consumers and traders.

Members of the law enforcement agencies, the health department, the agriculture department, the fisheries department, the Consumers Association of Bangladesh (CAB) and the representatives of the concerned industry and trade associations provided assistance in all these market operations conducted by the department.

Note that the executive magistrates of the district administration are taking necessary steps to build a stable market system including ensuring protection of consumer rights by conducting mobile courts as per the Consumer Rights Protection Act 2009.