Consumers Association of Bangladesh (CAB)

CAB Committees

District and Upazila Committees of CAB

CAB has its district committees in all 64 districts and some upazilas (sub-districts) of the country. CAB has formed a country-wide network with representatives from all walks of life including representatives from NGOs, civil society organizations, community based organizations, professionals, teachers, students, women organizations, journalists etc. Currently CAB is planning to expand its committees at all Upazilas of the country in phases.

CAB District Committees and CAB Upazila Committees are representing on behalf of general consumers at government committees related to consumer issues and concerns. CAB District and Upazila Committees are raising voices on local consumer issues in the government committees and try to resolve the issues with support of district administration. Representatives of CAB District Committees are the members of the District Consumer Rights Protection Committees headed by Deputy Commissioner of the District. Members of CAB District Committees are also taking part regularly at mobile court operations at district level. CAB District and Upazila Committees also organize consumer awareness raising seminars, workshops, trainings, consultations, dialogues, group meetings, discussion meetings, rallies etc at their localities.